Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Ooh, another update!

Another update! So Soon! Get me! Actually it's mostly stuff I forgot to put in the previous one.

So here's my first Finished Object of the year. Actually I tell lies, it still needs a flap on the inside to stop the needles coming out. But it's largely finished!

I'm rather chuffed with it! I'm a totally self taught sewer, and this is my first project (apart from hemming every single pair of pants I've ever bought). My sewing vastly improved over the course of making this, primarily just by keeping it in a straight line.

The ribbon is realy nice, it's purple with silver edging :) messily sewn on, seeing as I got it caught in the needle and it went off in the wrong direction!

The material's nice too isn't it? It looks wrinkled but I suppose it will be being rolled up.

Ok, next I did some more dyeing, this time it's called Raven, as it's really dark red.

Made myself some business cards and yarn tags.

The cards need improving, but they're a start.

Found a fantastic bead shop nearby and made these:

Cute eh!
And these:

Here's the Twilley's Freedom Spirit my lovely OH got me for Christmas. It's for a felted bag, and he got three balls and couldn't find another two, so I'm still waiting for another two balls of it. Isn't it lovely!

I got this in the sales, it's Rowan Romance. I thought it'd make a lovely, simple stole. Not lace or anything, just plain.

And some SB Soho, which is gorgeous. This is really for a nice cabled hat. For some reason my hats never ever turn out right, so i'm determined that when I eventually get round to this one it will turn out well!

And finally Jaeger Matchmaker 4 ply, for Mum's endpaper mitts.

Oh no not quite! There's more! I got this goregous Rowan Biggy Print in black from my swap partner Amy, in the UK Swaps group. Yey!

So.. I'm a confirmed co host in the UK Swap. I've got most of my prizes ready to send out, photo's will follow shortly.
~ Godfather Socks (almost done!)
~ Gnome (also almost done!)
~ FC (still on hold :( poor FC)
~ OH Hoodie (almost done, waiting for yarn)
~ Major Hemming operation on OH's pants


Knit-knacker said...

Love your stitch markers as always and well done on your 1st sewing project.

yarndancer said...

Love the stitch markers and the Raven yarn! Your needle holder is fab! Well done!

Courtney said...

Love the stitch markers :-)

BabyLongLegs said...

OOh...I need some of those rabbit stitch markers for my friend Miffyrabbit!!!!
That DPN needle roll is pretty cool as well......
Viva creativity!!!

Sarah xXx

Moggle said...

Oh I love it all, particularly the needle holder and the stitch markers.
The raven yarn is great too.

Fiona said...

Lovely needle holder and fab stitch holders. You really are clever!