Sunday, 30 September 2007

Baltic Sea Stole is finished!

She's done!! All blocked and I have to say I am very proud of her. I'm really glad I did this pattern, it's lovely, and I'm wearing it as a scarf and it's very warm :)

All the pics are clickable, so if you want to see them bigger you can click away!

Shawn approves..
Pattern: Baltic Sea Stole by Fiber Trends
Yarn: my own hand dyed 2 ply lambswool
Needles: 2.5mm plastic 'Bonette' needles (gorgeous wee ones)

And here are some stitch markers I made today :) more ladybirds, but they are slightly different from the previous set :D

Friday, 28 September 2007

Lace, socks, cables-to-be... etc

I'll start off with uni and stuff - well I've made my decision, I'm going to transfer to psychology with the Open University. Yey! I'm very excited, I can't wait to get learning more about a subject I love, and to get writing those essays! I know, sounds crazy but I love debating (as long as it doesn't get heated), and a lot of essays do that. Also I love the background research you have to do. The only bad thing will be exams, but with the good you have to accept some bad too.
It means moving home, to be with my family and dogs, it means we can get another puppy, which we've wanted for a while, it means I can join my clubs - knitting, dancing, shooting, photography, and I'm going to apply to be on the committee for the local WI, which has just reformed, all fresh and new! Oh I also want to join the local Guild of Spinning and Weaving (there's a third verb but I can't remember it!!). I will also get a job, I'm not sure how I'll fit it in but I will!

Anyway, I've finished the Baltic Sea Stole, as you can see....

This is her blocking, in a nasty orangey artificial light (being about 9pm). I will take some pretty, arty photo's once she's blocked and will post them! Promise!

My OH is on hiw way up now for the weekend, and is taking me home with him on Monday for a week. So I'll be getting the train back up a week on Monday, which means lots of knitting time.. yey!

The ball of yarn on the left will become the partner to the sock on the right (but neater.. look at the hideous heel).

This lovely Wendy aran with wool will become this cabled hat (though after something else which I'll tell you about in a mo).

I'm dying to get cabling! First though.....

... I'm going to make a pair of Fetchings.

I was going to try and use Fusion in Mace which is lovely, but I can't get the tesion small enough, even on 3mm needles, so will have to get some yarn for them in JL next week (what a shame).

However this Fusion will be finished and felted and wee fishes cut out from it, and it hung in my bathroom. Ie the "fish" wallhanging I'm endevouring to make. If it goes horribly wrong I'll use it for something else. (which it might well do).

Finally here are just one set of my latest stitch markers. I think they're cool, they're actually really helpful, I had them on my stole, with the purl and knit markers in appropriate places between the 7th & 8th st in on each end, marking the borders. When I took them off to put other ones on I keep looking down to see if I was on a knit or purl! I'm taking a trip to the bead shop where they have the cute ones tomorrow, so may have more cuteness soon hopefully!

So... WIPs are:
-Fetchings (need yarn)
- Endpaper mitts (again, need yarn)
- Fish wall hanging
- Grassy socks (or moss or lichen or whatever the heck they are)
- oooooh I nearly forgot, I'm about to cast on for Kiri, if I add the pic of my Kidsilk Night it'll mess up my page, so I'll put it in the next post with the blocked stole!

Sunday, 23 September 2007


Before I start wobbling on about cables and stuff I want to thank Linda for rehoming my cute Monkeys! :) I hope she'll be really happy with them!

Ok here's my cables-

You can't really tell on the pic, but I've got pretty loose holes down the left side. They are smaller further up, as I got more practise. I think cables may grow into my new obsession, along with lace, stitch markers, knitting, knitting forums.. ok ok you ge the idea. But I totally love them, I think they look really cool and I particularly like them when they look like Celtic knotwork. I love the Tangled Yoke Cardigan (think that's the name) in Fall 07 of Interweave Knits, I'd love to do it one day. Also now when Soo mentions cables AND lace in her Lyra, it doesn't sound quite as terrifying. Well not as mcuh as "900 stitches on the needles"!

Anyway, told you I'd ramble didn't I.

Below's my latest creation. They are genuine freshwater pearls!! Aren't they beautiful! I want to make zillions of things with them! I'm definitely as addicted to making stitch markers as I am to knitting - and that's a very serious addiction! Anyway, I got these freshwater pearls, in a peachy colour, and they are sitting with silvery gun metal seed beads and black seed beads, which I think look really good with them.

There they are enjoying the luxuries of my sheepskin rug.
I'm knitting my tenth Innocent Hat just now, it won't take long once I get going.

There's Jack looking sexy in a skeleton-in-a-suit sort of way, modelling one of the hats done in Lucy Neatby and a fine sparkly silver thread, just to make it look extra-wizardy (yes I know Jack's not a wizard but it was either him or Miss Piggy).

There's a few more. My favourites are the purple one that you can't tell is purple (helpful eh), and the one third from left which is Rowan Tapestry in Leadmine with a sparkly silver thread alongside - it looks cool! Not that you can tell.. *sigh*
I'm on the 8th repeat now of the Baltic Sea Stole, am getting through it. I've also finished one of the green Moss socks! Wahey! Now I just need to do the 2nd one...... *2nd sock syndrome*
I will post arty pics of the sock when I finish it's partner.
I'm off home for a week next week, so going to take much knitting with me as I'll have nowt else to do. I'm hoping to start Kiri (but finish BSS first) and do the second sock.
Anyway, I'm glad that the new layout is more successful than the last - it's much easier to distinguish between each bit I think, and easier to read.
Ciao for now!

Friday, 21 September 2007

It's good being a bum!

I've made my decision on what I'm going to do. I'm going to transfer to 2nd year psychology with the OU in Febuary. I've told my Mum, she's clearly not happy about it but tough. (She is a psychologist as well). I've not told my uni yet, I need to get the transfer forms and stuff and sort it out. Then I'm going to get on with selling my drawing board and Architecture books if I can part with them, and getting psychology books. I already have loads, so shouldn't need many more. Then I'm going to get reading up on my psychology, which I absolutely love! I always wanted to do psychology - I should never have let Mum talk me into Architecture, but that's one of those life experiences isn't it. At least I now know what I don't want to do!

Anyway, I'll start off with a nice view for you, from the Isle of Man. You may need to click it to get it bigger.

The other day I went round a few charity shops and picked up a few woollen jumpers, for a few quid, brought them home, and put them in the wash at 90 degrees. They came out fantastically felted, and I have enough to make quite a few things! How's that for recycling!

First I made Rainycloud and Rainydrops from

That is the cutest website ever! I'm going to add her blog to my blog list, her patterns are brilliant.

Mine's a bit darker, plus is different because he's felted not knitted. But he's hanging in the hall so you see him as you walk in the front door :) He does have eyes, you just can't see them that well in this piccy.

And the next thign I made, which I've just finished is this evening bag. It's my friend's 21st party tonight, we're getting a bus to Edinburgh, so I made myself a bag! It's totally off the top of my head, and I'm quite pleased with it.

Here's a closeup of the flower, which is grey, it's sewn on using a shiny blue thread, you may just be able to see it. The button's a handmade peruvian one :)

And yesterday I had my first attempt at Cables! Yey! I'm following the Beginners Cable KAL, which you can see here: if you're interested. It's brilliant, it's a really good way of learning a new technique. I though cables would be very complicated, but now I've got the concept of them, as with a lot of things in life, they are really quite simple.

The only thing is that down the left side of the cables, both on the left and right twist, I'm getting big holes as I transfer from knit to purl. This seems enhanced by the fact that I'm cabling, because I'm pulling it tight and there's still a hole. Apparently with practise that will occur less, I hope so!

In stitch-markerly news, the ladybirds flew away to a new home almost sstraight away! So I might get some more, but would like to try and find some leaf beads to go with them, because I don't want to sell the same sets, I want them all to be unique. I'm surprised the monkeys

haven't sold to be honest because they are easily as cute as the ladybirds, or so I think! I've got some lovely freshwater pearls coming which I'm going to make into stitch markers as well, I am just so addicted to beads, and making stitch markers is such a cool way to use them!
Ciao for now!

Monday, 17 September 2007

Productive Day!

Well here's a bit of background info for you - I'm currently bumming about, and have lots of time on my hands. Well pretty much. I should have graduated by now, I'm in my fourth uni year, but as it is, I'm resitting 2nd year! I resta 1st yeardue to poor health, and now I'm resitting 2nd year due to pure failure! I feel really let down by my course - it's really really not what it's advertised to be. The tutors are so self absorbed in their own businesses, as they are all practising architects. They tell you to do something then fail you for it - that's the main problem. Anyway I'm not going to rant for ages about it, but basically I'm highly disillusioned with it and am looking for a course to transfer to. Meanwhile I'm resitting one measly module this semester, and despite paying £650 tuition fees, I'm not allowed to attend for lecture, tutorials etc. Soooooo I'm in my lovely wee flat, spending my time worrying about money and what I'm going to do next!!
And this brings us to today, and why at 8:30am my neighbours all went to uni and I spent the day in a bead shop. I posted off my first stitch marker set today, I wrapped it in bubble wrap, gift wrapped it and put a pretty sticker on. I am totally paranoid there'll be something wrong with them but I've checked and triple checked and they are fine! I totally love beads and putting them together, so even if I don't sell any it's a really enjoyable hobby - the only thing is that I don't have room for them all now!

So here's what I've made today, seeing as there's no knitting photo's to take! I'm going to do some dying tomorrow (and send off for prospectuses).

These are faux (doesn't that sound better than fake!!) pearls with shiny bright beads-

These are really pretty wee butterflies..
I love these, they are like candy sweets!
These are possibly my favourites, they are ladybirds!! How cute are they?!

I love these as well, blue with black and white spots..

And these are really funky I think..
I'm off to knit some Baltic Sea Stole before bed.. ciao for now!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

The Venice post!

Finally!! It's been a while, but I now have broadband in my flat, so expect more regular updates, and stuff to be for sale more frequently. I've decided, after much chopping and changing, that for now at least, I'll have to stick with ebay rather than etsy. I've got loads of stitch markers on there now, and am hoping to get 2 ply lambswool on there soon as well. I'm handmade_with_care on ebay if anyone's interested. I'm trying to keep my stitch markers pretty but affordable, because I know that often you need more than just one set and I have to say I've seenglass ones being sold for very expensive prices!
Anyway enough plugging my stuff, back to blogging.

first of all I'll start off by telling you that after this post I also have an Isle of Man post to do! I'll do it someother time though.

I found a new LYS in Venice, and greatly regret not going in. I had very little money and couldn't see any prices so my OH decided it was a bad idea. Oh well there's always next year!

This is what they have hanging on the wall outside the shop:

Appears to be mostly "fashion" yarns on the dress, but inside it was all "proper" (you know what I mean) yarn.

Doesn't it look blissful.

Here's the view from the Rialto Bridge, on the left you can see where all the fish and fruit/veg markets are. Mostly squid and octopus, which I have no intention of ever trying.

This is looking down the Grand Canal again, from where we were sat, which was right nexxt to the bridge - almost under it.
Just in front is tha taxi rank and bus stop.

We had a few wet nights but no one cares over there, you just carry on anyway because it's warm enough to. This is the Rialto Bridge, which I'm realising features heavily in this year's photos - sorry about that!

Now let me just tell you that it's very difficult to take night shots on a small digital camera, with No Tripod! (That gets capitals because it's very important).
So before you ask if I was drunk, no I wasn't, but I'd have probably got a better pic if I was.
Piazza San Marco:

It's the only proper square in Venice, the rest are all oficially courtyards etc, emphasising the importance of st Marks. On the top left you can see the clock tower, and on the right the Palace Ducale, the palace of the Doge, who was a religious figure. You can probably just make out the Basilica ahead on the left.
Well you can see it below anyway. It came out really orange because of being a night shot so I decided black and white was less sick inducing.

It's really hard to get these places without people filling the frame, or without it being just another shot of the same old thing. Last year I took a lot of unusual photo's on my SLR, but this year I resigned myself to just enjoying it and taking less photography. Well actually I couldn't afford much film but shhhh!
Below is a Basilica on Murano. Which as regular visitors to Venice we were disappointed in. Not because we're spoilt.. well we are.. but it was because every single shop was full of the glass they make. Now don't get me wrong, it's lovely, but we did, stupidly, think there would be more unusual shops like in Venice itself. Nope! It's all glass! It's very nice apart from that though!

Well that's all the photos worth putting on here. There's lots of myself and OH but you don't really want to see them. I've not had my films developed yet, I think I only took two (!!), last year I took about 8, and got some really unusual ones but this year didn't bother as much. If there's any decent ones on the films I'll post them here though.
Ok back to knitting. I've not much to post, I'm STILL on the moss socks, I'm just not inspired by them sadly, but I am nearly finished the first one!
I'm also doing the Baltic Sea Stole. I've been doing it just over a week, and am on the 6th (out of 13) repeat. I am really, truly enjoying it. With the FC I get a little impatient towatrds the end when the rows get huge, (as much as I love it), but with this, it's been great every repeat so far!
It is the first stole I've done, and the first time there's a pattern on the reverse, or wrong side row. I prefer it I've decided, because it keeps it different all the time, and yet each row is quite quick, being only 111 stitches. At the mo, while I have quite a lot of time, I'm doing about one repeat a day, though now I have broadband that's slowed down again!!
That's one repeat-

And this is at the end of the 5th repeat-

It's growing quite quickly, with each repeat being about 4 inches and 32 rows. I love it!

Ooooh, a while ago I posted a boring pic of some tiny seeds in a tray. Well this is some of they! Shallots no less, grown organically by myself! And very tasty indeed! (I know, I'm biased here)

I gave loads to OH and they're dead, so I'm glad I kept these four. I've got sweet peppers too which should be ready soon - if they aren't they'll probably die because it's getting cold for them now.

And OHHHH - I have babies!!!!!! Baby fish that is..... we have a huge tank in the lounge at home, with lots of Corydoras catfish, which are very sociable, and very lovely, in a fishy sort of way.
Anyway I couldn't believe my eyes a couple of weeks ago - I noticed loads of tiny corydoras swimming round! How exciting! Anyway, there seem to be four bronze corydoras, and three peppered corydoras. They are very cute, and the peppered ones are so tiny you can hardly see them! they are about the size of half your smallest wee finger nail! The adults are about two inches long.
Soooooo here is a piccy, if you look at the front on the right, there's a wee brown smudge, about half an inch in from the right as I look at it now. You may have to click to enlarge the pic. Anyway that's a baby bronze corydoras - and that's the biggest one!! The white fish is an adult albino corydoras, and the one at the back is a panda corydoras (I think they're called pandas).
I know this is probably boring to you if yo're reading this, but I think it's terribly exciting! *is sad and geeky*

Ok ok, back to knitting now. Below is the andi messenger bag, all lined! Wooo! It's the first lining I've ever done, and I'm very happy with it. It was hard work, but well worth it as the bag's now in full working order, and I'm very proud of it!

Ok that's all now. No, it really is, I promise! I'll do Isle of Man pics soon, and when I do I'll try and have more knitting pics, I'm doing some dying today and more stitch markers.. yey! So, I need a showed because I smell, and I want to do another repeat of the BSS... so byeee for now!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Just a quickie!

I'm getting my internet, phone and tv set up in my flat on Friday 14th, so once I do, I absolutely promise to post more often! Seriously! Don't just nod and think "yeah yeah"!

Well I'll really really miss knitting on a Thursday night down here, I can't go in Dundee because it's on at the same time as belly dancing - stiff competition but I can't miss dancing, I'm hoping the belly bit will reduce and the dancing bit will increase, though currently the belly dances more than the owner.

Anyway, I've been to Venice and the Isle of Man since last posting, and have finished the pouch for OH's nintendo DS. I've tried to make it tough, knowing that once it's in his hands it's only a matter of a small amount of time before he bashfully approaches me asking for a new one, making a wild claim that the previous one wasn't good enough, when I know that in fact it's got lost in the depths of the black hole under his bed. I even tried a protective charm on it to repel it from under the bed, but nothing escapes it so we'll see how it goes.

I've started my Baltic Sea Stole, and am on repeat number three out of thirteen. It's a great pattern, I'm really enjoying it, though I'm sure I'll regret saying that in a few repeat's time when I'm losing the will to knit over it. I will post a pic of it as soon as I can. I'm uploading pics as we speak.

I'm still knitting my moss socks (or lichen socks - I've still not decided which sounds worse). They are taking forever because I keep getting distracted by other things.

I've lined my Andi messenger bag - oh baby! It's tough and strong and ready for action!

I must go get on - my to do list is huuuuge. It's one of those where you write it out, then add things that you've already done, just so you can cross them off, so it looks like you're getting through it. Before OH comes tonight I still need to take up two pairs of pants, clear my stash off the living room floor (hehe), have dinner, wind more yarn into balls (while I have available chair backs you see), wash up, wash my hair, ..... oh the list goes on!

So I'll leave you with a couple of photos of Venice, just because I'd feel wrong to post all text and no photos. You'd wonder where the real Vikki had gone and who'd replaced her obsessive photography with all text.