Tuesday, 3 April 2007

I Promise..

.. that tomorrow I will post up pics of progress with my current WIPs. I have finished both gnomes, I just have to make them up (ugh). I'm about 17" through the tie, I'm quite happy with it though it's going to need some serious blocking! My experimental hotbot cover still needs buttons sewing on (why don't I just get round to it??), and as soon as I finish the tie I need to knit the wee angel for my Godmother. Her mother died last week, three days after her hundredth birthday. Also her Husband has severe parksinsons disease, and so she's been caring for both her mum and husband, which is quite something. Her mum was fine until she had a sudden stroke three weeks before her hundredth. She was a great woman - she played Scrabble, and she went all over the world in competitions, and was playing it right up til her stroke!
Anyway, that's why I though it'd be really nice to send her a wee angel. So that is getting done as soon as the tie's done!
I am occasionally going to put some of my photography up on my blog too, as that's my other main hobby.
So watch this space - loads of piccies to come!! (Assuming I can get them to work of course...)

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