Saturday, 28 July 2007

YoYo Jacket finally done!! (and more!)


That was a sigh of relief!

The Yoyo jacket is finally finished, it's such a nice feeling! I have to be honest and say I'm not overjoyed with it! Perhaps it's because I've got sick of the sight of it! I'm going to put it away for a while then get it out again. At Stitch n Bitch they all tried it on (you know who you are! :P ), and it looked great on other people!! I actually prefer the back to the front.
I wouldn't recommend yoyo to knit with, it kind of squeaks.. it's weird. I started it at New Year, and it was only my 4th project, and first garment, so I can't really complain at having made mistakes.
I don't have any action shots unfortunately, but you can see it hung up!

The front panels are supposed to match, but I don't care that much that they don't to be honest!

Ok next finished project is my first felted bag, from my own design. When I say design, I mean I had a picture in my head and made up the pattern as I went along. Again, it's not perfect and the pattern could do with a couple of changes, but I love the colours etc. It's made from Noro Kureyon, and Wendy Fusion, neither of which felt easily, and I had to do them on a 90 degree wash!

Oops, the pics are back to front! Here's the closeup 'after' photo.

The 'after' picture!-

And before.. isn't it different!!

Here's a pretty picture, of our summer, all condensed into a few hours of sunshine the other day.

I've just sold this on etsy (ok I have to advertise myself here - I'm handmade_with_care on ebay, and VikingKnits on etsy! Advertising over now!)
I named it "feel the purple"! I am very proud to have sold my first hand dyed yarn :D

Here's some yarn that Continental Cat very kindly sent me, along with some beautiful handmade chocolate! This is the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece which is lovely, and I'd like to knit a hoodie in it!

She sent me some Texel handspun too, which I knitted a choker with, it's very arty, and hippyish :)

I knit a bracelet out of Rowan Tapestry, which has come out well (or so I think!), and I wear it loads!

I've also made some woolly jewelery, felting strands of Gedifra Gigante, and Rowan Biggy Print, then putting pendants on.

Here's a cushion I made out of oddments of blue yarn, including Wendy Moiselle, Paton's Spirit, etc. It's very cosy! (Mum's claimed it!)

And here's a rather unsuccessful wall hanging I made. The Rowan Spray didn't felt at all, sadly, so it's not really worked, but at least I know for next time!

And finally... the obligatory doggy photos. First, Inca. She's boss, and oversees everything I do, from my knitting, to having a bath. She even helps me knit, messing with my needles to ensure no stitches are dropped.
She curls up really small on my bed most days...

This is her ferociously guarding the house, if any intruders come they get a wag and a lick.

This is Bonnie, she's 12, and is Inca's boss, she's a total character, is very very cheeky as well. (sorry not a great pic).

This is Benson, my fella's 6 month old Boxer. He's incredibly spoilt and cute!

Sooooo there you go!
My current WIPs are (STILL) the shoalwater, the mystery stole from PinkLemonTwist, a pair of Arctic Lace fingerless mitts, and a pair of green socks (handdyed by me!).
I'm off to list my stitch markers on ebay and etsy :D


Soo said...

Wow - that's a lot of stuff!!! You may not be a frequent blogger but you sure make up for the gaps when you do. :-)

The coat looks great - I'm intrigued by the yarn although slightly put off by your description of it 'squeaking'!?

Congratulations on your first sale. I'll check out your shop this week.

Scottishf said...

That's a lot of pics!
Quite an achievement to finish such a big garment, and great that you have made your first etsy sale.
Love the dogs!

ContinentalCat said...

Benson is such a cutie!

(and the YoYo jacket is lovely too...)