Saturday, 8 September 2007

Just a quickie!

I'm getting my internet, phone and tv set up in my flat on Friday 14th, so once I do, I absolutely promise to post more often! Seriously! Don't just nod and think "yeah yeah"!

Well I'll really really miss knitting on a Thursday night down here, I can't go in Dundee because it's on at the same time as belly dancing - stiff competition but I can't miss dancing, I'm hoping the belly bit will reduce and the dancing bit will increase, though currently the belly dances more than the owner.

Anyway, I've been to Venice and the Isle of Man since last posting, and have finished the pouch for OH's nintendo DS. I've tried to make it tough, knowing that once it's in his hands it's only a matter of a small amount of time before he bashfully approaches me asking for a new one, making a wild claim that the previous one wasn't good enough, when I know that in fact it's got lost in the depths of the black hole under his bed. I even tried a protective charm on it to repel it from under the bed, but nothing escapes it so we'll see how it goes.

I've started my Baltic Sea Stole, and am on repeat number three out of thirteen. It's a great pattern, I'm really enjoying it, though I'm sure I'll regret saying that in a few repeat's time when I'm losing the will to knit over it. I will post a pic of it as soon as I can. I'm uploading pics as we speak.

I'm still knitting my moss socks (or lichen socks - I've still not decided which sounds worse). They are taking forever because I keep getting distracted by other things.

I've lined my Andi messenger bag - oh baby! It's tough and strong and ready for action!

I must go get on - my to do list is huuuuge. It's one of those where you write it out, then add things that you've already done, just so you can cross them off, so it looks like you're getting through it. Before OH comes tonight I still need to take up two pairs of pants, clear my stash off the living room floor (hehe), have dinner, wind more yarn into balls (while I have available chair backs you see), wash up, wash my hair, ..... oh the list goes on!

So I'll leave you with a couple of photos of Venice, just because I'd feel wrong to post all text and no photos. You'd wonder where the real Vikki had gone and who'd replaced her obsessive photography with all text.

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Soo said...

Belly dancing!!! Cool.

Can't wait to see the other pics. Venice is very high on my list of places I need to visit. Sigh.