Friday, 28 September 2007

Lace, socks, cables-to-be... etc

I'll start off with uni and stuff - well I've made my decision, I'm going to transfer to psychology with the Open University. Yey! I'm very excited, I can't wait to get learning more about a subject I love, and to get writing those essays! I know, sounds crazy but I love debating (as long as it doesn't get heated), and a lot of essays do that. Also I love the background research you have to do. The only bad thing will be exams, but with the good you have to accept some bad too.
It means moving home, to be with my family and dogs, it means we can get another puppy, which we've wanted for a while, it means I can join my clubs - knitting, dancing, shooting, photography, and I'm going to apply to be on the committee for the local WI, which has just reformed, all fresh and new! Oh I also want to join the local Guild of Spinning and Weaving (there's a third verb but I can't remember it!!). I will also get a job, I'm not sure how I'll fit it in but I will!

Anyway, I've finished the Baltic Sea Stole, as you can see....

This is her blocking, in a nasty orangey artificial light (being about 9pm). I will take some pretty, arty photo's once she's blocked and will post them! Promise!

My OH is on hiw way up now for the weekend, and is taking me home with him on Monday for a week. So I'll be getting the train back up a week on Monday, which means lots of knitting time.. yey!

The ball of yarn on the left will become the partner to the sock on the right (but neater.. look at the hideous heel).

This lovely Wendy aran with wool will become this cabled hat (though after something else which I'll tell you about in a mo).

I'm dying to get cabling! First though.....

... I'm going to make a pair of Fetchings.

I was going to try and use Fusion in Mace which is lovely, but I can't get the tesion small enough, even on 3mm needles, so will have to get some yarn for them in JL next week (what a shame).

However this Fusion will be finished and felted and wee fishes cut out from it, and it hung in my bathroom. Ie the "fish" wallhanging I'm endevouring to make. If it goes horribly wrong I'll use it for something else. (which it might well do).

Finally here are just one set of my latest stitch markers. I think they're cool, they're actually really helpful, I had them on my stole, with the purl and knit markers in appropriate places between the 7th & 8th st in on each end, marking the borders. When I took them off to put other ones on I keep looking down to see if I was on a knit or purl! I'm taking a trip to the bead shop where they have the cute ones tomorrow, so may have more cuteness soon hopefully!

So... WIPs are:
-Fetchings (need yarn)
- Endpaper mitts (again, need yarn)
- Fish wall hanging
- Grassy socks (or moss or lichen or whatever the heck they are)
- oooooh I nearly forgot, I'm about to cast on for Kiri, if I add the pic of my Kidsilk Night it'll mess up my page, so I'll put it in the next post with the blocked stole!

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