Monday, 17 September 2007

Productive Day!

Well here's a bit of background info for you - I'm currently bumming about, and have lots of time on my hands. Well pretty much. I should have graduated by now, I'm in my fourth uni year, but as it is, I'm resitting 2nd year! I resta 1st yeardue to poor health, and now I'm resitting 2nd year due to pure failure! I feel really let down by my course - it's really really not what it's advertised to be. The tutors are so self absorbed in their own businesses, as they are all practising architects. They tell you to do something then fail you for it - that's the main problem. Anyway I'm not going to rant for ages about it, but basically I'm highly disillusioned with it and am looking for a course to transfer to. Meanwhile I'm resitting one measly module this semester, and despite paying £650 tuition fees, I'm not allowed to attend for lecture, tutorials etc. Soooooo I'm in my lovely wee flat, spending my time worrying about money and what I'm going to do next!!
And this brings us to today, and why at 8:30am my neighbours all went to uni and I spent the day in a bead shop. I posted off my first stitch marker set today, I wrapped it in bubble wrap, gift wrapped it and put a pretty sticker on. I am totally paranoid there'll be something wrong with them but I've checked and triple checked and they are fine! I totally love beads and putting them together, so even if I don't sell any it's a really enjoyable hobby - the only thing is that I don't have room for them all now!

So here's what I've made today, seeing as there's no knitting photo's to take! I'm going to do some dying tomorrow (and send off for prospectuses).

These are faux (doesn't that sound better than fake!!) pearls with shiny bright beads-

These are really pretty wee butterflies..
I love these, they are like candy sweets!
These are possibly my favourites, they are ladybirds!! How cute are they?!

I love these as well, blue with black and white spots..

And these are really funky I think..
I'm off to knit some Baltic Sea Stole before bed.. ciao for now!


z's momma said...

The ladybirds are my faves too. Good luck!

The Caked Crusader said...

Loving the ladybirds!
Thanks for the comment you left on my blog - us SOAD fans should stick together!

Glad to see you're making Innocent smoothie hats too - I've been pompom making to help Soo's effort.

Soo said...

Good luck sorting out the university stuff. The right course will present itself.

And I make it three votes for the ladybirds!

Venice looks amazing by the way..... Beautiful photos.