Thursday, 10 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping the new year will bring health, wealth and happiness to you all! :)

I've been pretty AWOL for a while, I was insanely busy over the festive period.. ok so I still am, but not to the same degree!

I have a long post here, and have missed out many knittted presents that I forgot to photograph, amongst other things.

First off I recieved this gorgeous hand dyed yarn from BabyLongLegs, aka Sarah - Thankyouuuu! I've done a tiny bit of weaving with it on my wee loom, and it's fantastic. Pics will ensue once I decide what to use it for!

Shortly before Christmas I went to the spinning class at
Alston Hall. I met a lovely group of people there, and had a really enjoyable day. I spun on my spindle, and in the afternoon had a go on a wheel, which was brilliant!

Over the course of the day I spun up the natural coloured singles you see below, and in the weeks afterwards I slowly made my way through my own hand dyed sliver/roving/whatever the term is. I plied them together and finished up with this rather pleasing yarn!

It's not photographed too well, it's under the bright influence of my craft lamp that I recieved for Christmas. What a good idea! Anyway...

Ok, next, not knitting, but equally as pleasurable - snow! Yippee!

We had loads :D waist deep in some places, and knee deep in most places. We went sledging and built a huge snowman. What fun!

Ok this isn't exactly in chronological order - going back to christmas, my lovely OH got my this ace snowman teacup/pot! He also got me some delicious fruit tea, yarn and knitting books - he's incredibly well trained. I will remember to photograph the yarn for th enext update. It'll just be in the wrong update that's all!

Ok going back again, here's what I made for a member of my family, and they were really well appreciated ;)
Here's Timmy:

And Shaun:

His knitting needles are what I'm particularly proud of!

And Timmy's mother:

Ok so now we're moving forward again in time. HEre's my first ever short row heel. YEy! I love it! It's a sock for my Godfather in as close to the Welsh colours as I had in stash! It's also ribbed with a cable that I've added.
I love the short row heel, it's infinitely neater and nicer than the standard heel.

Here's my latest, well first-for-a-long-time sewing project. A DPN holder. It's only semi done, I've just done the pockets, I need to get material for the outside and a flap and a ribbon, then it'll be done. There's surprisingly more work in one of these than there appears to be.

My sewing needs some serious improvement!

And finally - some Sugar Plum that I dyed yesterday, which I'm very pleased with!

My WIPs are:
- Socks for Godfather
- Gnome for Godfather (his birthday was actually laszt week)
- FC in KSN (been sadly languishing on hold for a good month)
- Hoody for OH (need more yarn!)
- DPN roll
I've got nso many ideas, it's just finding time to do them all!
Ok, I'll do my new year's resolutions:
- Start designing (I've got the ideas, just need to do them)
- Start paying off my three overdrafts *gasp/sigh*
- Lose weight (ha)
- Do well with my course!
- Update this more regularly!
So... I'm off now to take pics of all the things I forgot! Like the yarn my OH got me, the books, the yarn I got in the sales, etc etc.


Moggle said...

I love your handspun. And the snow looks like loads of fun!

Cinders said...

Hi Vixx,
I was wondering how you were, happy new year BTW.
Love your spinning and hand dye.
great Xmas pressies there.
We didnt get any snow here. it only rains in manchester!

Knittings Nice! said...

Hey...Viknits looks like you've been really busy with those nimble fingers. Love all the toy knits such fun.....can't get enough of knitting socks can one? As for the snow....lucky you.