Friday, 14 December 2007

Dyeing, Spinning etc

Been really busy this week, working on Christmas presents, which are going ok but I'm starting to panic!

Anyway, here are my adventures.

First I dyed up a sample skein, in 100% laceweight lambswool. It's called SugarPlum :)

So I was really happy with that, so went ahead and dyed up some BFL roving.

BUT managed to semi felt it. Doh!

I decided to try and spin it anyway. Since I only know how to spin via pre-drafting, it meant I could pre draft the lot, then spin it. I'm looking forward to learning to spin 'properly' (ie without predrafting).

Looks a bit Noro-esque to me, mostly because the colours are darker than I expected, and it's semi felted. Anyway I dyed up two lots of singles.

Then plied them.

Making this nifty wee skein. I'm very happy with it :)

There's not many yards though. I think once I've got a pile of small sample skeins I will knit them all up into an abstract scarf, hand dyed, hand spun and hand knitted :D

I dyed some bright red lambswool too :) just to be different!


Pixie said...

Aren't you the clever one.. Do you do the spinning on a wheel?
I love the colours :)
Pixie (aka knitting Pixie)

Anonymous said...

Both colours are really pretty! I do love that variegated one... mmm.

Soo said...

The variegated skein is really beautiful. My favourite sort of colours.

RachelL said...

Wow, check out your spinning! A lovely job. You'll have your own yarn spinning and dyeing studio before you know it.

By the way, thanks for your nice comments on my blog :-) I finally got around to doing all the blocking I'd been putting off, and I'm going to put up some more photos of my Basil sweater later.

Hope you have a rocking Christmas.


monnibo said...

OOo those colours are both so nice!! Love how bright that red is.

Cinders said...

HI Vixx,
Your spinning and dying are fab. Love the colours. Arnt you clever?
hope you have a great Christmas

Fiona said...

Wow! Very impressed with your dyeing and spinning.

Happy New Year BTW.