Saturday, 2 February 2008

Finally Finished! Four FO's!

I'm a happy bunny... I've finished the WIP's I wanted to finish in Jan. That being this hoodie to start with, modelled here by the sexy Johnny Depp. I know his body doesn't match his tanned face, he just has a severe tan line that's all ;)

Anyway, it's done in Drops Ice (half cotton, half acrylic), on 9mm needles, the pattern being from It looks infinitely better on Mr Depp than it did when it was on the needles! I thought it was going to be hideous but it's pretty good!

Oops, had a hair cut. Well I'm sur eyou'll believe me that it really is Johnny, seeing as the top photo is clearly real. ;)
I also fiiiinally finished... an *epic* forest canopy! I spent about a month on it before Christmas, put it down, and have just spent another month on it. It's really big. Much bigger than it appeared on the needles.. in fact unblocked it's about 3 feet wide. I haven't yet found anywhere to block it that the dogs won't stand on it so it'll have to wait! It's lovely and big and snuggly though!

I've also finished this gnome.. he's for my Godfather.

And my Booga Bag, the first of a few I expect. Only took about ten days or so of TV knitting while watching episodes of Prison Break., which was not particularly relaxing. ^^

Below it's relaxing and enjoying the weather (ha!). That being hailstones you can see.

And finally but not least, this is our new addition:

Holly. Ten weeks old and unbelievably cute and waggy and licky and lovely :D
WIPs - (just cast on) - Unbiased from Knitty, socks for me, endpapers V1.0 (I'm on the second one). And the next decision is which lace project to cast on next! I'm thinking Hanami in my black loony boony....


Janey said...

Great hoodie! And lovely model too!! Great gnome too!

I was looking at your Booga bag on Ravelry, good idea to use Freedom Spirit, might have to try that.

Holly looks very cute but I bet she's a handful! xx

Cinders said...

some lovely knits there. love the hoodie on Mr Depp!lucky you having him as your model!!!LOL but hwy was he wearing only half a hat?
great gnome and F/C.
Oh your puppy is sooo cute. does she come complete with loo roll?

yarndancer said...

OMG Holly is so cute! Love the pic with her nose between the gate.

Lovely knits - you have been busy!

Anonymous said...

PUPPY! So precious. (I had a hedgehog named Holly. It's a beautiful name.)

Lovely knits, too.

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Mr Depp looks mighty fine in that jumper!

....have you started looking at doggie coats for Holly yet???

Soooo cute!

monnibo said...

Nice sweater! Cute gnome... I have the Alan Dart pattern but yet to knit it.

And Holly is absolutely adorable!

Bearium said...

wow, what an adorable puppy! the hoodie's great and that model looks strangely familiar ;p