Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Relaunch Update - Updated!

Slight problem....

I currently live at home in Lancashire, but still have my flat on a lease in Dundee, as my contract is til July.. so I'm paying for a flat I don't live in until I find a new tenant for it. Well I got a phone call today from a lass who is very interested.. so tomorrow (Thurs) I'm driving up to Dundee, to show her round on Friday, and I'm driving home Friday afternoon.

Sooooo shop relaunch is going to have to wait. I'll try and do it on Friday evening if I can, otherwise it will be Monday! It's just typical that the past couple of weeks I've been quietly doing stuff, then when it all comes together something crops up to mess it all up!

Fingers crossed this lass will take my flat anyway! I'll keep you posted when I get back, and thankyou for the support so far, I know it's cheesey but it does mean a lot, and is very encouraging!

~ Vik

28.02.2008 - Scrap all the above. My landlord has really screwed me over (to cut a long story short!), so no going to Dundee, and the shop will be opening tomorrow as planned!

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Cinders said...

Hi Vixx,
sorry you're having trouble with your flat. I hope you get it sorted very soon. its so annoying wasting money like that.
Love those cash silk yarns you've jusy dyed. I have my eye on the black! Good luck with your shop.