Tuesday, 26 February 2008

SoHo Hat and lots of yarn!

I don't seem to have done much knitting this past week or so for some reason. Well I'm working towards the relaunch of my shop, on Friday (29th Feb - thanks Pixie for pointing that out :) ). I'm really excited about it and am enjoying the dyeing and making SO much!

I've also joined the gym, this is my third week, going every day except Sundays. I'm enjoying it and my fitness is rapidly improving. I'm very strong but have no stamina at all, and get out of breath worryingly quickly. So an hour a day, doing 30 mins cardio and 30 mins weights, and my breathlessness has greatly improved already :)

Anyway. I did knit this hat last week, and have barely taken it off ever since. It's so warm and snuggly and just loose enough that I don't get hat hair!

I made myself a DPN pouch using a vintage dress I got a few years ago from a charity shop. How's that for recycling!

And I'm doing my blue socks, which I semi-artfully photographed with the yarn in it's bowl and the DPN pouch. It's parter is on the needles and I'm just almost on the heel. I love this colourway!

And here's what I've been *really* busy doing.. dyeing up lots of yarn.
Laceweigh cashsilk in Starlet:

Laceweight cashsilk in Wild Crow (yes it's just black but it took 5 days of soaking to get it to go a solid black!):

Laceweight cashsilk in forget me Not:

Laceweight cashsilk in Wildly Indifferent. It's purple with black bits, this photo isn't terribly good.

Sock yarn in Wild Tiger:

Sock yarn in Wild Forest:

Sock yarn in my signature colourway (that sounds so much posher than the actual concept of it), Wild Fire:

And finally, sock yarn in Untitled:

There's quite a few more to come too, as I'm waiting for just one more order of sock yarn. I can't tell you how much I enjoy dyeing, it's just brilliant. You can be so experimental with it.
My WIPs are - blue socks, and a pair of legwarmers that I'm designing as I knit them. They're just simple cables really, but are in DK pure Alpaca... *droooool*. Pics will follow, I promise!
I'll do an update on Friday when I relaunch myself as Wild Fire Fibres, I'm really excited about it *looks sheepish*.


Pixie said...

What a great hat and you look so good in it :)
Gorgeous, yarns and love how you photo them.. that sock is looking great..
Your shop if its opening on Friday is opening on a leap year.. so its the 29th of Feb.. hope you don't mind me pointing that out to you..
Wishing you lots of luck with it and you have a good eye for colour

BabyLongLegs said...

Ooooh....good luck with the shop relaunch!!!!
Will pop in on Friday for a virtual browse..... ;)
Have Paypal burning a hole, and fancy some new stitch markers!!!!

Don't forget to re-spam it on Rav..and I spam it for you too, on me blog....

Lotsa Love
Sarah xXx

Pixie said...

Whooo and roll on Friday, thanks for letting me know and I will watch this space :)
TY on my socks :))

have a great day

Moggle said...

Lovely yarn, I particularly like the blue.
Great hat too.