Monday, 10 March 2008

Dyeing Photos

I should wanr you: This post contains lots of photos and not so much typing! I do have some WIP news - I've knitted a beanie for OH in Tapestry, but it didn't hang around long enough for a photo, I will cath it when I can! My stole's coming on very slowly, blue socks are finished, retro socks started, tiger socks (actually more "tortoiseshell") well under way, and all that and no photos :( when I get home (I'm away just now) I'll take pics of it all! So for now I'll just show you all the dyeing I've been doing! I'm really enjoying it, wish I could do it for a full time job!

Anyway I'll get on with the yarn.

This is Pablo but more purpley this time:

Raven. It's pretty much black, but kind of glows a ridiculously dark red.

Wild Berries. A hideous combination of orange, pink and red, turned from ugly duckling into beautiful swan when I reskeined.

Got the Blues. Not reskeined there.

Hot Chocolate. Subtley variagated brown, essentially.

Wild Fire Merino Roving. Managed not to felt it this time.

Meadow Merino Roving (the name might change if I think of a better one!)

Rainbow Feet.

Suprisingly, looks nicer un-reskeined.

Thor. A classic. Turns out really quite different every time. Looks a bit tweedy perhaps?

And.. oh! That's it! I also have some beautiful exotic laceweight yarn (it's a surprise), but haven't got the knack of dyeing it yet.

I struggled not to buy some of the Mirasol yarn in JL yesterday. My stashalong WILL stay strong. It kind of helps that I'm dyeing all this yarn, it seems to be fulfilling my yarn needs despite it getting posted to other people at some point.


Pixie said...

Hi Vikki, yes I got my gorgeous yarn from you this morning, left you feed back at Esty.. I am so delighted with it and will have to think hard what socks to make.. I will be back I am sure for some more of your yarn..
Many thanks Pixie xxx

Pixie said...

Oppsie forgot to say, lush looking yarns you have in this post.. drooling lol
Pixie xxx

yarndancer said...

Oh, you dye such lovely yarns!!! They are gorgeous colours and combinations, I want them all. Stupid phone bill, if it hadn't come through yesterday I'd be placing an order right now! :)

Gemma said...

Booooooooooootiful, you need to bring the rainbow one tomorrow if it's still hanging around, I need to squish!

And I want crediting for the 'tortoiseshell' too missus ;)