Wednesday, 14 May 2008

UK Swap Number 2!

I'm getting involved!
This is my pimping stuff - if you're in the UK go join the UK Swaps group on Ravelry, it's a good, well organised swap, which gives you quite a while to do it, and the hosts are running wee competitions for cool prizes along the way.

Of course I'm biased, I'm donating yarn :p I've not decided what yet so can't tease you with it!

If you are reading this and want to join in, check out the blog at and leave a message telling them that it was me that pointed you in that direction ;)
Then go pimp the swap yourself too!

1 comment:

Bearium said...

ooh another swap, I didn't join in with the last one but could definately be tempted this time around :)

thanks for the comment about the babette blanket, I think a beginner could definately do one. The only downside about it is that once you've made all the squares, you need to sew them all together!