Thursday, 12 April 2007

Guess What I Got Today!

Two things.. well a few but the two main things are...
Stitch n Bitch Knitters Handbook from a forum member - it's a great book and there's a few patterns I'll definitely be knitting!
Also I got.. Magic Knickers!! I'm overweight you see, and for some unknown medical reason cannot lose weight... so I have this annoying, flabbly, wobbly spare tyre which stays two paces ahead of me where ever I go, and even dances seperately to me when I dance. Soooooo in my desperation I pursuaded Mum to get me magic knickers and by golly, they really are magic!! I may even wear a summer dress for the first time in my life this summer! I'm definitely tempted to knit a dress now! :D
WIPs coming along slowly by the way. The tank top's about an inch long, and the sleeve of the YoYo jacket is about two inches long!

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jill73 said...

Hi Vixx

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!Work..........don't go there.....!

The WIP was just a kiddies hat - 99% of my stuff is done for Operation Christmas Child. I don't have the confidence as yet to do myself a garment as a) i'm still an improving knitter and b)I've lost 5 stone over the last two years, with another 2 still to go, so my shape is constantly changing. I do have the wool, though...!

The mittens are very simple, just in st-st, a friend of mine got me the pattern. Perhaps I will get round to putting some more photo's on - when I work out how to do it!