Sunday, 15 April 2007


I don't have a lot to say to be honest. Apart from that I got a new blue linen skirt the other day and yesterday I wore it, got out the car and it fell down, showing my bum cheeks to all and sundry (was wearing a thong.. oops). Two elderly ladies glared at me, I was very humiliated, but secretly pleased because it means I'm slightly smaller than I used to be.

Knittingwise, I got the 18cm ribbed cuff of the YoYo Jacket done, and am on the increases up the arm now. The tank top is also 18cm done and I'm about to start the decreasing as I work up to the waist. Pictures will ensue very soon.

I am growing some shallots too, out of the seed packet so far 22 have sprouted in two days, and have been put into wee peat pots. I will post photos at some point of their progress (when there's something to see). I'm going to seed my sweet peppers very soon too, but want to get the shallots all sprouted first.

I'm off for some gaming action, and then some needle action.... ciao for now!

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