Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Seven finished WIPs

Seven finished WIPs for your perusal... The next post after this WILL contain some amount of text and not all photos. Mainly because my uni work (sat in front of me) is calling at me.. in fact it's shouting at me, it's just I've been ignoring it as much as possible. Well for two weeks. Maybe three. And now I only have two weeks left to do the darn stuff. (wish it was the yarn stuff! (Did you see that one coming? I nearly didn't))
Anyway, I did quite a bit today - well I designed a few rooves, modelled them, and then scrapped them, so in fact I'm really no further on.
But enough of that, lets get to the knitty gritty (ooh I'm quick tonigt)!

1. Experimental Hotbot Cover
Yarn - Wendy Pampas Mega Chunky in Storm (I think)
Needles - Metal 9mm

2. Stitch Markers (the skteleton is an ex earring!):

3. Earrings (one's slightly squinty):

4. Silk Tie
Yarn - Debbie Bliss

Pattern - http://www.knitwits-heaven.com/knitted_necktie.htm

Edits - Stocking Stitch throughout, rather than Garter Stitch.

5. Gnome for Step Dad (called Bertie)

Yarn - Various DK yarns

Pattern - From SK Christmas 2005

Here's the uncompromising position in which I had to wrap him:

Awww bless!

6. Wizard Gnome (called Casper) for fella

Yarn - Various DK Yarns

Pattern - From SK Christmas 2005

The thing he's holding is a wand by the way :p

7. Wee Angel for my Godmother.

Yarn - Cool Cotton Aran, with a glitter yarn (can't remember the name)

Phew... so there you go! I did them all last week, I'm pretty happy with my progress (shame about the uni work)

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