Saturday, 21 April 2007

There's so much I want to learn!

Progress report:
Tank top - back panel finished, front panel about 4 inches in. Pics will follow.

YoYo Jacket - All pieces finished, now I need to sew up the body and add the 19cm border (all ribbed.. ugh!) all the way round. Then of course, sew the sleeves on. Being a jacket and all :p Again - pics will follow.

I get my loan through on Monday. This is an important time for me, because I can pay off a hefty amount of two of my overdrafts, and not only that but I can spend some money on my habit. I have a list of things I would love to get, these include yarn for felting (dying to try it), laceweight yarn ready for joining the Forest Canopy KAL (Knitalong), a swift, a ball winder, and Tess' book. Oh also I would like to get an Opal Sock starter kit.

So as you can see, there's not a lot I want!! :p A few of the things I'm dying to learn/try out are:
Fair Isle.
There's zillions of patterns on my to-do list now. It resides in a special place in my diary and when I need inspiration I just look longingly at my list of knitting to do.

In other news - my shallots are all growing nicely. They are rather cute in a planty sort of way. They are under a light (we have no sun here), and whichever way I turn them they lean towards light! I don't know why but this endears me to them!

Ok I'll show you a pic of my tank top. It looks huge. That's because it needs to accomodate my spare tyre, but even so it looks bigger than the rest of my tops :s

It's sparkly yarn by the way, that's why it looks like it's covered in bits! Oh the straps are being saved on stitch holders so that when I finish the front panel I can do a three needle cast off. I really like this method of joining two pieces of knitting.

Ok and Next the sleeve for my jacket. You'll notice the mistake... I'm hoping when it's blocked and on me it won't be as noticeable! For the other sleeve I tried out a new 'advanced' technique of casting off, where you leave the st's on the needles instead of casting them off, and you end up with a smooth slope instead of stepped cast off slope. If that made any sense..! Anyway...

Doesn't it look messy? :( Once it's all done and blocked and that it hopefully won't be.

So, on Friday I'm going to Aberdeen for a medical appointment (I have to take pee in a bottle!! :O ) and then to John Lewis (YEY!) to get some knitular treats.. I can't wait!!

Oh I forgot to add that the front panel of this tank has intarsia on it and I've no idea how to do intarsia so it's going to be a sudden and steep learning curve when I get to it!! I'll update when I make any more progress!

Ciao for now!

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