Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Squishy Photography

I got some stash today. Oops. It just kind of fell onto my debit card when I was browsing the Natural Dye Studio's Ebay Shop:
I wouldn't recommend you to browse it, the same strange thing might happen to you as what happened to me. I really didn't want to buy more yarn but you know how these things happen.

I knitted a wee wrist warmer in their Mohair Loop yarn, which is beautiful, it's a lot softer and more delicate looking once knitted up.

Here is what I received today! This'll whet your appetite... teehee

Laceweight Silk, in a rich lavender/lilac colour, I couldn't get the colour to show up well I'm afraid...

Next is Cobweb Mohair, in Apricot. It's divine, you can see how delicate it looks....

Cobweb Mohair again, but in Damask Rose...

These yarns all feel deliciously squishy and soft. I got 3 skeins of silk, 3 of Apricot, 2 of Rose and 2 of the Loop (which I've had a while). It was a total bargain as well :D
I'm thinking of joining the DeviantArt website to post my p hotography on (I'm hoping to do lots over the summer and improve).
I am making great progress with my Forest Canopy - I'm nearly finished, I have two repeats left to do and the border. Also my first sock is coming on - I'm nearly at the heel. And, my Sirdar yoyo jacket border is half a cm longer. (That's one row in three days).
Ciao for now!


Soo said...

Those are gorgeous yarns -- and gorgeous photos.

I'm off to surf the NDS site -- you should ask for a commission!!!

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

OOoohhh yummy yarns Vixx!

You wouldn't be buying faster than you're knitting by any chance would you????

Hmmm....I'll add that one to the "guilty knitters" list!

jill73 said...

lovely stash!wish i could use those sorts of yarns - but the ecezma/allergy rash on my hands wouod make them itch like mad!