Thursday, 7 June 2007

Some serious stash, and not so serious retro patterns!

I have always known my Mum has a stash. But it's only recently interested me. In fact it interested me so much that when she was away last week, I spent a few days in the wardrobe in which she keeps her stash.

It was like a big woolly Narnia. But better. Well until a kilo heavy cone of laceweight bonked me on the noggin.

So of course, being on the stashalong, I was feeling like a child in a very wonderful, special, sweet shop. And of course when you're in a wonderful sweet shop you inevitably come away with something.

Well anyway, here's what I didn't come away with, I fished these out and wet myself. (Not literally of course).


Fortunately Mum's never knit either of those, or any of the accompanying, offending patterns within the books. (The worst is the front cover, above).

Here's what I fought through to get to the wardrobe of woolly doom (it's the open door on the left):

A wee glimpse:

Slightly bigger glimpse:

And woooooooah I've been sucked in to the wardrobe of woolly ecstasy.

Ok the colours range mostly from brown to .. well.. brown, but there's the odd white and pale blue, and who cares cause these things can be dyed don't you know! (Damn right!)

Below are two of the four rogues that jumped out and made their way into my stash. The other two are orangey brown, and slightly less pale blue.

It's all laceweight, 2 ply, and mostly lambswool, some has some acrylic in though.

This thing fell and bonked me on the noggin! It weighs over a kilo! Owww! Not only that but after a bonking on the noggin it fell to my toes - onto them I mean. Double oww! Obviously that means I was destined to have it though - these things happen for a reason.

£4.68 for all that! Wowww!

Anyway today I had lots of fun dying while mum and my step dad are away, (don't want them getting in the way).

I also finished the opal socks, and FC v2.0, which is blocked and ready for Mum's birthday. I will post the results tomorrow! Promise!

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