Saturday, 23 June 2007

Tagged - no pics today :(

Just a quickie - I was tagged to do stuff on Wiki about my birthday. Well I'm useless and wiki didn't come up with much, so here we go:
My birthday is the 30th November, born in 1985.
The only thing I can think of (but it's big), is St Andrew's Day!
St Andrew, as I'm sure most of you will know, is the patron saint of Scotland.
If I'd been a boy, Mum would have called me Andrew after the saint (how cheesey), but instead I was a girl so she named me Victoria, after Queen Vic (how even more cheesey).
I'm actually Emma Victoria, because she couldn't decide, and wanted to name me after my great Grandma, Emma, so she called me Emma Vic, but I'm known as Vic. Thanks a lot Mum!! It's caused great confusion all my life!!

Ok back to knitting - OTN - yoyo jacket border (ugh), both of the bamboo socks for OH (no second sock syndrome for me!), oddbod bits to make cushion covers (or blanket - not sure yet), and Shoalwater. That's quite a lot of WIPs :s I'm going to go get on.....


Joshua said...

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I think it's to UNITE MANKIND that we became bloggers! Don't see language as an obstacle but as a challenge and think for a minute if I and the rest of the world are not expecting something like a broad cumplicity. Remenber that pictures talk also. Open your heart and come along!!!!!

Viknits said...

*looks confused*

Soo said...

*shares viknits confusion!*

Anyway Vik - hope you are doing well and you and your camera are out and about again. Where are those lovely photos I've come to rely on for inspiration?!?!