Monday, 15 October 2007

Cabled Hat is finished!

You know I think I'm getting old before my time. My idea of enjoying my evening is sitting with my pyjama pants on (nice and baggy and comfy), with a brew and the rythm and blues programme on radio 2 on, and doing my knitting! I choose to call it being "arty" or "cultured"! Oh and on my couch I have a lovely warm sheepskin rug to prevent my sciatica - that bit's definitely old fashioned!! good job I don't a) have any visitors, and b) care what other people think!! I did have my friends, who are three male geeks living next door but 3 (ish), and they totally loved the cosiness and "coolness", which I was appreciative of, though I think they just said it to make me happy!!

Anyway, this hat was not all that pleasurable to knit, the pattern was something like this: *K2, (T2,K2) 2 times, C12, repeat from * - that's not exact but you get the picture. So I found the stitches got really tight because the twists were on every row. So it acutally hurt my hands, but I rather like it now that it's done! I do like the colour though! I wore it out today and the girls in my LCS (local craft shop) admired it :D

Look at that face!! Below you can see me laughing at myself because of the one above!! I looked stoned and mighty pissed off!!

So just so you can see that I can smile in pics ^^ !!
Well I couldn't only have two projects on the go could I?? So I cast on for *another* forest canopy, in Rowan Kidsilk Night, in a beautiful smoky blue colour, with aded twinkles :D Here's my baby FC below (aww):
It's bigger now, I'm doing it slowly because I want to get it right because this stuff's inpossible to frog! It's very hairy!! I've had it ages so it's time I used it.

I played with some Sculpey again today, I have loads of ideas, but pulling them off is actually not that easy to be honest, and quite a lot of gone wrong. The ones that went right though are Jack Skellington, below. I'm pretty happy with these! Will be making them again, they are much fun!

I wanted to make some cute sheep. Well I did, but as I half expected, the ears are too brittle. They looked bald with no ears though! So I made them anyway, and lo and behold the first one's ears came off :( I'm not sure how I can get round this, so these poor, folorn looking sheep, with metal bits impaling them, are sat on my desk for the forseeable future!!

awwwwwwwwwwwwww :(
I also wanted to make a ball of yarn with two needles in it. I think this looks ok, but not 'yarny' enough. I tried wrapping it the same as a ball of yarn, but being clay it didn't go so well. I will keep experimenting with this as I think it'd look cool if I could do it.

I've also had a request to make the cute/scary rabbity htings from Spirited Away, so will start on that tomorrow.

I also made some 'posh' stitch markers! They are posh because they have peach Swarovski crystals on, and glass beads, but they get inverted commas because they are inexpensive! They are really sparkly! I love em!

I'm really busy at the mo, I don't know how I had time for uni!! I've cast on a lace scarf for Mum, I expect progress will be slow because it's knit lengthwise, I will take progress pics soon anyway. I'm nearly done on the back piece of my Blur jumper as well, and the green sock is soooo slow and boring, I need to get my ass in gear and do it!! I need to get knitting socky presents!!
So ciao for now, back to my brew, radio 2, sheepskin rug, and knitting :D


Janey said...

I love the skellingtons!!! Can't wait for my cherries to arrive!

I've just discovered Fimo, not easy is it? Still, maybe one day I shall be half as good as you. x

Charlie Chuckles said...

Top hat! Loving the stitch markers too!!

TRACEY. said...

You sound just like me...pyjamas, brew but CSI and of course knitting....Bliss.
Sometimes I feel so old and boring but I love every minute.
Great blog, I love the viking.
knitty, witty, woo

Knittings Nice! said...

Hi Viknits, thanks for visiting me. Loving all your fun stuff and the stitchmarkers. DD is hanging on in there and still baking the babies. Thank u for asking.

Cinders said...

Hi Vixx
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I'm much happier which makes my blog more readable!!!
I love your stitch markers. Is Sculpy the name of a clay? its just that my daughter makes those kind of models. she uses Fimo at the mo.
I'm working on socks now as I've finally caight up with Socktober.
That KSH is murder to work with for lace isnt it? I gave up. I beleive if you put it in the fridge before knitting it knits up easier.

Nevisknitter said...

Love the stitchmarkers, to make the ball of yarn you could do a solid wee ball ane wrap thin strands of clay round it, seen this done with icing for a cake.

Fiona said...

Love the knitting ball key ring. And the hat is ace.

Yes it was me who challenged you to get all your pressies knitted.

Penny said...

You have been busy! The red stitchmarkers are really nice!

Soo said...

Sounds like the perfect night in to me!! I can't wait to see the Kid Silk Night knit up -- it's looking lovely already!

PS - hat is fab! You are a cable expert now.