Thursday, 8 November 2007


Finally!! The horrible green socks are finished! Ok so one's about a third bigger than the other because I lost the pattern.. but they are wearable! And lovely and warm!

Below you can see them without colour. I love this photo though. Sepia does have a place in modern society!

Ok you can have colour now. Here's why they are horrible! They were my first dyeing attempt back in the summer. It went wrong as you can see. It's a shame I don't like green.

Ok I'm working on the Fish Trap Scarf from the Arctic Lace book. I'm also a mod now on the Arctic Lace Group on Ravelry :D wahey! It's being done in Lucy Neatby celestial merino in Seashells colourway. It's beautiful!

I finally got my backside into gear and did some dying. This is my 2 ply lambswool.

I strongly believe there's no enough purple yarn in the world, so I thought I'd do my bit to put this right ;)

This came in the post:

It's Rowan Tapestry in Leadmine. Yum!

This Drops came too. 11 balls of red and two of black, for OH's hoody. Need to measure him then get knitting!

And finally, I discovered this technique for using with clay, so had a go. I've made a load of buttons in different colours :D I see them adorning bags and that, some or glazed, some not.

So.. WIPs - Arctic lace, fingerless mitt swap mitts (almost done), and Forest Canopy (still!).
I've had a go at making Christmassy buttons and stitch markers too :D it's much fun!


Cinders said...

Hi Vix,
I like your green socks! loe the sepia photo. ery arty.
and your pruple colourway is lovely too. has it got blue in it aswell?
I'm always impressed with your artyness, buttons etc.

Knit-knacker said...

Can't agree more about there not being enough purple in the world ;o) Love the sepia photograph too. You've inspired me to experiment with my camera

Soo said...

Why do you think the green yarn dyeing went wrong?? They look good to me!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, so many pretty things to look at. Love the purple yarn, and I like green so I think the socks are fabulous, too. And look at those buttons! Fabulous.

Sepia is a minor deity in my world.

Fiona said...

Fab yarns. And I like the green socks - they're ace. I also love the sepia photo. I think sepia really adds nostalgia to pix. Does that make ANY sense whatsoever?

Moggle said...

I really like that green! And the purple is just gorgeous!
The buttons are great too.

yarndancer said...

Yep, the world definitely needs more purple yarn, and yours is lovely. I like the socks, shame you don't like green.