Saturday, 14 June 2008

Well the star of this post is undoubtedly Tom! He's the cute bunny below :)
He's corcheted using Alpaca Select DK, and is my first (of many) amigurumi!

I'm crocheting a beanie too, it's coming on so quickly!
I've been busy dyeing again, here are some of the results of my efforts-
Merino/silk laceweight in Deep Sea Diving:

BFL Sock in Dave:
BFL aran or DK (not sure) in Ocean View:

Almerino DK in Pablo:

Almerino in Kelp:

Almerino in Lucy:

Almerino DK in Ocean View:

Almerino DK in Fresh Berries:

Merino/tencel sock in Fresh Berries:

Merino/tencel Sock in Kelp (i'm particularly partial to this):

(and I don't even like green)

Merino/tencel in Blueberry Muffin:

Merino/tencel in Disco Feet:

Merino/tencel in Delle:

Merino/tencel Sock in Pixie:

I have a multitude of WIPs, including:
- a tote I'm sewing,
- crochet beanie in Wendy Fusion
- Summer Sampler Stole in Zephyr (I've done a whole two rows!!)
- Chevron scarf in Sirdar blur, which I really need to finish
- Trystero socks, which I *really* need to finish (I have SSSS - Severe Second Sock Syndrome)

I'm wanting to have a go at some beading next week, I'd like to make beautiful jewellery, so I got myself a mag and some wire and some thread, (I have loads of beads already) and I'm going to give it a shot.


RooKnits said...

Oh Vikki, they are all fabulous... I especially like Delle! Was it dyed for a friend of ours???

Pixie said...

Aww that bunny is too cute! gorgeous yarns as always and you know I don't like greens but that kelp is special :)

pat said...

love the colors, mauve to green is my favorite i think. and you will love wire crochet. if you remember how to do the afghan stitch, that is the best, it gives your piece a woven look. pre thread the wire with the beads, and remember the beads will show on the back side of your piece. acutally they will on any piece you crochet.

i like using a steel hook, 4 is about my favorite size, but for that loopy look, a bigger aluminum is best. don't be tempted to use a chain stitch with beads working in every so often unless you are gathering several into one necklace. that just isn't strong enough to be a safe necklace for any long term jewelry possession. it will break. if you wear a cluster of them, that works better.

i've been crocheting wire for about 13 years and teaching, wrote for lap journal, if you have any questions i can help with give a shout. my page is

love the bunny

Fiona said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous yarns. I'm so impressed.

Aglaya said...

Awwww the bunny is just soooo cute! And the yarn. This colours made me drooling :)

Cinders said...

Those bunny's are very cute. love the dying too. BTw since I also opened an Etsy shop I've used some of those colourways too before seeing your blog.. Dont want you to think I'm plagerising or copying, whatever the term is! Just great minds think alike

Bearium said...

more fabulous colours, I particularly like the kelp, it's a superb combination!

Nice bunny too, amigurumi are so addictive :D